What Clients are saying...

Shawn P.

 Teacher,  Redlands, CA

I have had the privilege of working with Aviva for over a year and she has guided me through the ups and downs of my ADHD life as well as the challenges faced as I raise a daughter with ADHD. Aviva is a calm and compassionate coach who understands ADHD struggles. She gives me a safe space to think out loud and then guides me to an action plan. She is not only a caring coach but a rich resource for strategies and inspiration. I would recommend Aviva to anyone looking for a consistently motivating coach.

Sigrún J.

 Therapist, Iceland

I have been coping with major health issues recently and have been working with Aviva Laura as my ADHD  coach to gain new perspective and improve my life. I always look forward to our coaching sessions and feel immediately safe and comfortabel in her presence. She is supportive and always there for you with encouragement!  Laura helps me with her calm but firm coaching to belive and dream that I can have a better life. I had been struggling to do things the same way as before my illness, but together we found a new and more positive way to look at my life and its new opportunities! She really understands the struggles many people with ADHD go through and together we find solutions. I would recommend Laura to anyone who needs an excellent ADHD coach- and a life coach.

Devorah F.

 Student, Jerusalem, Israel

Aviva Laura is an incredible coach. She always listens to me, "gets me," and validates how I feel! She has helped me to finally achieve balance in my life. Together we created the structures and systems to conquer my challenges, provide stability, and allow me to pursue the goals in my life. I'm lucky to have such an amazing coach in my life.


 Accountant, NJ

In a short time, I learned to be more organized, set limits, delegate and be self-confident. By providing a mix of empathy and encouragement, you helped me to go in the right direction and build a foundation for the future. I would not hesitate to work with you in the future.

Judy L.

 Nurse, Rockville, MD

Aviva has been working with me for several months. She is a great listener, and she is nonjudgmental. She gives great encouragement and is very insightful. If she is not sure about the answer to a question, she does research and gets back to me. She really conveys a caring attitude. I have definitely noticed that I have made progress- slow and steady. I would highly recommend Aviva as a coach.

 You have helped me with taking a healthier perspective about myself and my work; approach various tasks more effectively and successfully; and feel more confident in myself and my work. I definitely feel like I have gained much from our discussions and have many tools to deal with various challenges that arise. I want to add that your flexibility, understanding, non-judgmental acceptance and compassion have helped me have more self-compassion and self-acceptance. While I still struggle with accepting my mistakes or "failures", I'm more able to get myself in a positive, compassionate mindset and move forward. You have also taught me to focus on my achievements and successes which has helped improve my self-image and self-confidence. Thank you!


 Therapist, NY