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ADHD Adult Coaching


ADHD is accompanied by challenges in executive function that can impact your ability to succeed at home, at the workplace, and in the social arena. Partnering with Aviva will allow you to capitalize your own unique strengths while creating customized strategies to overcome your challenges. Areas that you can tackle through coaching include:

  • Sustaining focus and filtering distractions

  • Learning tools and strategies to organize your time, your space and your life

  • Initiating tasks, follow through and completion

  • Planning and prioritizing

  • Developing better Social skills

  • Managing emotions and impulsivity

  • Building self-confidence 

  • Exploring, clarifying, and setting goals

  • Adopting healthy lifestyle habits 

  • Improving professional or academic performance

  • Balancing your professional, social and family life

  • Reducing stress and overwhelm

  • Living a life of joy and serenity

Coaching sessions can be conducted in person for those in Rockland County, NY or surrounding areas or by phone or video conferencing for clients across the globe.

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