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Parenting advice from your child with Adhd

Educate yourself about ADHD. The more you understand about ADHD, the better a parent you’ll be. ADHD isn’t an excuse for my behavior but it is an explanation that will help you to be a more compassionate parent and a more informed advocate for me.

Good nutrition, quality sleep, and exercise do make a big difference in my ADHD symptoms. I’ll be able to be more focused, less stressed and more in control of my behavior and emotions.

Please don’t compare me to my peers. Kids with ADHD have a 30% lag in maturity. That means even though I’m 12 years old chronologically, I may sometimes behave like a typical 8 year old. Set realistic expectations for me.

Help me to explore and cultivate my strengths. Noticing and complementing me on what I do well will help me develop healthy self-esteem. Whether it’s painting, karate, piano, or skateboarding – help me to find something I enjoy and in which I excel.

If you believe in me, I will believe in myself and then the sky’s the limit. Your love and confidence in me is the best ADHD treatment.

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