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Make 2023 "the year"

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."
Henry david Thoreau

At the beginning of every year we have beautiful aspirations and dreams of what we’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year and then, unfortunately, for most of us, at the end of the year we see it was just another year and very little if anything has changed.

How can we make this year different?

Even if we traditionally usher in the new year with fireworks and parties, the beginning of a new year is really an ideal and important time to ponder and reflect on our past year as well as to dream about the future. We live such busy hectic lives it’s natural and easier to just continue on auto pilot and let our lives happen to us, but the ONLY way to achieve your goals and create your best life is to pause, reflect, dream, and plan.

Pondering the past year and imagining the year you want to create can be done in a many ways and places. Here are a few ideas.

· Journal your thoughts.

· Take a walk in nature.

· Record your thoughts on your phone. (for the verbal processors in our audience)

· Find a cozy chair and sip some tea.

· Take a bubble bath or a shower.

· Try a rooftop for a change of perspective.

· In a café

· Reflect while on a train, bus, or while driving.

Here are some prompts to help you reflect on the year that past:

What are you most proud of? How did you grow? Where did you have the most fun? What were your biggest challenges? What did you learn from them? What are you most grateful for? How did you make a difference in the world for your friends, family, or community?

Take note of what you learned about yourself and your life from this past year that will inform you in creating what you desire in the year ahead. What do want more of in the upcoming year? What do want less of? How can what you learned make this year better?

Then imagine as vividly as possible what you would like your life to look like next year at this time. Don’t be afraid to dream big. In fact, for ADHD brains the more exciting and sparkly your goal, the better your engagement and motivation. Visualize your dream in detail. What will your life look like? How will you feel? Try to engage all your senses when envisioning your life your dream realized.

Now, create the foundation to make your dream a reality.

Set goals: Break your dream down into specific small goals you need to achieve in order to make the dream a reality. Be realistic and set deadlines for each goal.

Take action: Develop a plan to make your dream a reality. Identify what steps you need to take and start taking them—one at a time.

Believe in yourself: Believe in yourself and keep going. Don't be distracted by the opinions of others or by your own inner critic.

Stay focused: Remain focused on your dream and stay motivated. Create a visual reminder of your goal like a vision board, photo, or quote to keep you motivated.

Track your progress and celebrate the small successes on your journey and keep your eyes on the prize.

Ask for help: Know when to seek guidance and advice from mentors, family, or friends. You don't have to do it all alone.

Work with a coach for added support, accountability, and to learn the strategies and tools to break through the ADHD challenges that get in your way.

Have self-compassion Mistakes and set-backs are part of the process. Learn from them and get back on track.

Don't give up: Making your dreams into reality does take time, so don't give up. All the effort and hard work will be worth it in the end.

Keep striving! I believe in you and I can't wait to celebrate with you all your wins in 2023!

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